Ginstrom IT Solutions (GITS)

Latest news

  • 2009/10/16 Version 2.0 of Count Anything released. Count Anything is a free tool to count words and characters in various file formats.
  • 2009/05/27 Version 1.4 of Analyze Assist released. Analyze Assist is a free tool to analzye source files against translation memories.

What this site is about

This is the home of Ginstrom IT Solutions (GITS), run by Ryan Ginstrom. Here you’ll find three main types of content:

  • My blog, in which I write about programming, translation, software, and Japan;
  • Translation, where I write about translation and myself as a translator; and
  • Software, which contains various software programs and scripts that I've written.

IJET Handouts

Handouts from past IJET talks

Below are links to the handouts from presentations I have given at various IJETs.