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AnalyzeAssist analyzes the files you specify against the specified list of memories. It displays a report of how many matches there are for your documents in the specified memories. You can specify any match ranges you like; AnalyzeAssist will report how many segments in your documents fall into each match range (along with corresponding word/character counts).

The default match ranges are as follows:


The format is simple: one range to a line, consisting of either one number or a range of numbers (smallest to largest), optionally separated by a hyphen (-), and with optional percent signs (%).

The following are some examples of acceptable ranges.

50 - 84
25 49
1% 24%

The following are some examples of incorrect ranges.

100%-95 (reason: bigger followed by smaller)
95-99-88 (reason: more than two numbers on a line)
50 to 84 (reason: numbers separated by word "to")

You can edit these defaults in the file "match_ranges.txt", or (recommended) from AnalyzeAssist directly, by accessing the Tools >> Preferences menu. You can also set this preference in the Analysis Wizard.

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