Command Line Interface

Count Anything comes with a command-line utility called "count_words.exe". It's located in the same folder as Count Anything (normally something like "C:\Program Files\CountAnything\").

You can use the command-line interface to bypass the GUI. This can be useful if you want to get a word count from another program, or use Count Anything as part of a batch program.

"count_words.exe" takes three arguments, two of which are optional.

Argument Meaning Optional
-x format ("table" or "tabs")
table: ascii table
tabs: tab delimited
Default is "table"
-o output file
The file to output the results to
Default outputs to stdout
-f filename [filename ...]
One or more filenames to get word counts for.

Here are some examples.

Get a word count for the file "c:\foo.txt", and output the results to "c:\results.txt":

count_words.exe -o c:\results.txt -f c:\foo.txt

Get a word count for the files "c:\foo.txt" and "c:\bar.txt". Write the results to stdout as a tab-delimited table:

count_words.exe -x tabs -f c:\foo.txt c:\bar.txt