Updating Count Anything

Count Anything is continually improving, and updated versions come out every few months on average.

Checking for Updates

You can check online for updates from the menu, by selecting Help >> Check for Updates. If there is an update, Count Anything will ask if you want to open the download page for the latest version.

Automatic Update Checks

Count Anything will also ask you once a week to check for updates online. The program will ask you for permissionBefore going online to check. If you select "Don't ask me again" and click Yes, then Count Anything will make the check automatically each week, without asking for permission first. If you select "Don't ask me again" and click No, then Count Anything will stop making automatic checks.

Installing the Update

If there is an update, you can download the installer from the Count Anything website. Before running the installer, you should quit from Count Anything first. If Count Anything is running, then the installer will fail with an error.

The installation process for the updated version is the same as for installing Count Anything the first time. See Getting Started for details.