File list with icons on wxPython/Windows

I recently wanted to show a list of files in wxPython, with the file icons (on Windows). I found the answer in this post by Mark Hammond, then had to search around a bit to find how to get the icon handle into a wxPython bitmap for the image list. I thought I'd save any future searchers the trouble.

Here's the meat of the code:

import wx
from import shell, shellcon
from win32con import FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL

def extension_to_bitmap(extension):
    """dot is mandatory in extension"""

    flags = shellcon.SHGFI_SMALLICON | \
            shellcon.SHGFI_ICON | \

    retval, info = shell.SHGetFileInfo(extension,
    # non-zero on success
    assert retval

    hicon, iicon, attr, display_name, type_name = info

    # Get the bitmap
    icon = wx.EmptyIcon()
    return wx.BitmapFromIcon(icon)

Here is a python file with a subclass of wx.ListCtrl that shows a list of files, and a simple demo as proof of concept.

A screenshot of the FileList demo

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