English translation of Go for it! (ドリカム)

It's a somewhat embarrassing fact that I'm a big Dreams Come True fan.

As far as I know, their song Go for it! is the only J-POP song with a Monty Python reference, so I just had to translate it.

想像もつかない毎日が 送れると思わない?
We can lead an existence beyond imagining — don't you think?
一緒なら 無敵の毎日が 過ごせると思わない?
Together, we can be invincible — don't you think?

強引な展開 穏やかな口ぶりだけど
You forced this development, but with a calm tone
用意周到 小さな反抗も空しい
You foiled my painstakingly prepared little rebellion

手の平の孫悟空状態 居心地は悪くない‥ん?
Acting like an angel doesn't feel so bad…
危ない! これも作戦ね
Uh oh! This is all part of your plan, isn't it!
ポイントは まるで違う2人 平常心 取り戻そう
My point is that we're completely different — let's calm down
何もかも まるで違う2人 欲しい言葉 わかってない
We're different in every way — we don't know what we want to hear

兄妹のような恋人達 たくさん知ってる
I know a lot of lovers who are like brother and sister
"以心伝心"誰もが 憧れている
Everybody would like to have a soul mate

あなたとは とうていかなわない
I'm no match for you
もしも'ツー'と言えば 笑って'スリー'と答える…バカ
If I said tsuu you'd laugh and say three… dummy!

ポイントは まるで違う2人 趣味どころの騒ぎじゃない
My point is that we're completely different — our interests are worlds apart
何もかも まるで違う2人 欲しいのは ひとつなのに
We're different in every way — even though we both want the same thing

黒は好きじゃない モンティー・パイソンも
I don't like black, or Monty Python either
あなたの好きなのは 好きじゃない!
I don't like what you like!

Darlin' oh, no? uhmmm… but I love you.

想像もつかない毎日が 音立ててやって来る
An existence beyond imagining will come roaring round the bend
一緒なら 無敵の毎日が 音を立ててやって来る
If we're together, an invincible existence'll come roaring round the bend

それぞれの引力が違えば 広がっていく 世界はもっと
Having different interests broadens our horizons
今夜あたり 見直してみよっかなぁ?
Maybe tonight I'll rethink it
あなたの好きな カラックスも ジェリー・アンダースンも…
Those Carax and Gerry Anderson guys you like too…

Funny how "simple" things like songs are the hardest to translate. One of the toughest things I've ever translated was a children's book. I think it's because they use a lot of idioms that don't translate as well as universals like death, taxes, and Moore's Law.

I'd be happy to hear any comments on the translation.

3 comments to English translation of Go for it! (ドリカム)

  • intruder 0404

    sorry for having stepped into this personal blog. was googling 以心伝心, and your page appears quite up front.

    I have not studied Japanese, but happened to be a fan of Dreams Come True =D

    was wondering ‘手の平の孫悟空状態’ means acting like a angel? in Chinese culture, 孫悟空 conveys the notion of power, heroism and destiny (maybe…). so why you choose to use the word angel?

  • @intruder

    “[お釈迦様の]手の平の孫悟空” ([oshakasama no] te no hira no songokuu) is a Japanese idiom meaning to be a good little servant (i.e. obedient), as songoku (the Monkey King) is a good servant sitting in the palm of his master the Buddha’s hand. In English, we say of a good child that they’re an “angel,” and I think it’s somewhat similar. Not a perfect translation, but I think it caught the meaning while bringing in a hint of the imagery.

    Translating songs is in some ways more difficult than any of the translations I get paid for!

  • Will

    Thank you for the translation. Please do some more Dreams Come True songs! 🙂

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