Why it’s good for translators to blog

In December, I will have been a freelance translator for 10 years. I live in Japan, and spend most of my day immersed in Japanese. I speak Japanese with my family members except for my son, and nearly all my friends (such as they are) are Japanese. I do read a fair amount in English, […]

It’s hard to predict popularity

By far, the most popular of my free utilities is doc2html, which converts (simple) MS Word documents into relatively clean HTML. It's downloaded around 150 to 200 times per month, and there've been peaks with upwards of 1,000 downloads in a month. In contrast, my next most-popular program is Count Anything (a word-count program), which […]

IJET-19 registration open

Registration for IJET-19 is now open! I still need to create a localized form for the Japanese page; I've got the text, but I need to do some JavaScript trickery to get it into the form because we're using a Wufoo form instead of hosting it ourselves (long story). But I'm still glad to have […]

Honyaku mailing-list archive cleanup

I spent some time this weekend cleaning up the Honyaku mailing-list archive. Here's a summary of what I did: Removed stray file attachments (including a couple resumes; marked with "[[attachment stripped]]") Decoded base64 emails Removed quoted digests (marked with "[[digest stripped]]") Fixed some mojibake problems There is still some mojibake, but already the archive has […]

Parsing multilingual email with Python

The email module in the Python standard library provides just about everything you need to parse multilingual emails with Python. There are a few traps, however, that can catch the unaware and unwary. Parsing an email message The email module provides a couple of handy functions for parsing email: message_from_string and message_from_file. Both functions return […]

Fixing JIS mojibake with Python

JIS (iso-2022-jp) is a Japanese text encoding. The beginning and end of a JIS sequence are marked by escape sequences: Beginning: 1B $ B (or 1B $ @) Ending: 1B ( J (or 1B ( B) This encoding is often used in email. Unfortunately, some email programs (and even mail routers) strip out the escape […]

Three reasons to avoid private class members

I recently read an interesting post about the need for access control via the private keyword (or an equivalent mechanism) on the CodeThinked blog. The post raises some valid points, but I still think enforced private/protected access is something to be used sparingly at most. Here are three reasons why. Private members are a pain […]

Subtitles for Sanshiro Sugata

Sanshiro Sugata (姿三四郎) is a classic Kurosawa movie, and as a judoka, it holds a special place in my heart. The entire movie is available for download online (linked from the Wikipedia article). The subtitles for the film are also available from the above site, but they're shockingly bad: the English itself is horrendous, and […]

Honyaku mailing-list code open sourced

I've open sourced the code for the honyaku mailing-list archive, and posted the code to Google code (I named it ml-archive because my plan is to make it a generic mailing-list archive site). The site is written in Python, using the django web framework. It's released under the MIT license. One of the challenges I'm […]

New Honyaku mailing-list archive site

I've finally got the new Honyaku mailing-list archive site up and running. It was a long time coming, but I hope it can serve as a resource for the J-E translation community. I'm planning to make the source code for the site available, as well as the data, so that others can mirror the archive […]