Python GUI programming platforms for Windows

[Edit] By popular demand, I've added a section on PyGTK. See bottom of post. There are several platforms for programming Windows GUI applications in Python. Below I outline a few of them, with a simple "hello world" example for each. Where I've lifted the example from another site, there's a link to the source. Contents […]

Possibly the best name for a programming language ever

Coq. I would love to see this adopted at the Enterprise level. Could you imagine slipping sentences like these into your next corporate-drivelspeak document? The vendors have really bent over backwards to make introducing Coq as painless as possible. We don't believe in shoving Coq down people's throats. In fact, we've found that once people […]

Translating maru batsu into English

Japanese has a very handy shorthand for rating things: symbol pronunciation meaning ◎ nijuu maru excellent 〇 maru good △ sankaku fair × batsu poor I avoid using these symbols in my English translations. Even if a legend is included, I think they're too "foreign" to be easily understood by non-Japanese speakers. The "translations" I […]

Intermediate Python: Pythonic file searches

It's very easy to get up and running with Python, but programmers coming from other more verbose or procedural languages tend to write code that's not very pythonic — that is, it doesn't use Python idioms that experienced programmers use. The problems with un-pythonic code are that it tends to be more verbose, more difficult […]

The partial rewrite

I haven't been doing much blogging lately. Instead, I've been busy working and hacking. On the hacking side of things, I've been doing a partial rewrite of my big application, a translation-memory application written in C++. The application is now about 10 years old, and over time and several releases it's grown more and more […]

Text speak conversion in Python!

Want to write in txt spk like all the cool mobile-toting kids, but tired of figuring out which letters to leave out? No problem — just run your text through the handy to_txt_spk function! >>> def to_txt_spk(words):     return "".join(c for c in words if c not in "aeiou") >>> to_txt_spk("Impress your friends with […]