Yet to feel effects of recession

Living in a sleepy Okinawan town, and dealing with clients 1,000 miles or more away, it's hard for me to get a gut-level sense of what this recession will mean for my Japanese-to-English translation business, and for the J2E translation industry as a whole. So far, I haven't felt any ill effects from the recession. […]

Localization: Just “translating the words” doesn’t cut it

This month I've been getting ready to make the trip to IJET-20 in Sydney, Australia. I booked my flight to Australia online via Jetstar. Using amazing high-tech IP-geolocation techniques, Jetstar figured out that I was in Japan and decided to treat me to its Japanese-language site. Fair enough; but if you're going to foist off […]

Serendipitous misinterpretations of English loanwords in Japanese

This is probably going to give me away as a hopeless language geek (I'd been hiding it so well until now, too!), but I find it fascinating when language speakers borrow a word from another language, and due to insufficient understanding of the loaning language misinterpret it — but in a way that makes sense. […]

Interesting take on quality/rates/time tradeoff

There's a trade-off between rates and quality. Although rates don't guarantee quality, you generally get what you pay for; higher rates get you better quality, and lower rates worse. Over on the Honyaku mailing list, Matt Stanton has a rather unique take on this topic: he believes in providing the entire spectrum himself. Then all […]

Packt makes ebooks friendlier

I've blogged before about inconveniences with Packt ebooks. The company's draconian DRM measures annoyed me so much, that I stopped buying ebooks from them. That's why I was very happy to see an announcement in my inbox this morning, stating that Packt ebooks now allow copy and paste. They also let me re-download the ebooks […]

Super Daijirin now included in Kenkyusha Online Dictionaries

Starting today (8 December 2008), Super Daijirin is now included in the Kenkyusha Online Dictionary service. This is great news. Although the Kojien is arguably the most prestigious monolingual Japanese dictionary, many translators (myself included) feel that the Daijirin is more useful, because its definitions are more explanatory and descriptive than Kojien's. It's great to […]

Iterating over a window in Python

This weekend, I had a fairly common problem: given a sequence of elements and an element in that sequence, I needed to get the next element; if the element was the last in the sequence, then I needed the first element. My first stab at a solution was pretty straightforward: def item_after(elements, item):     […]