Super Daijirin now included in Kenkyusha Online Dictionaries

Starting today (8 December 2008), Super Daijirin is now included in the Kenkyusha Online Dictionary service.

This is great news. Although the Kojien is arguably the most prestigious monolingual Japanese dictionary, many translators (myself included) feel that the Daijirin is more useful, because its definitions are more explanatory and descriptive than Kojien's.

It's great to have what I consider to be the best general-purpose Japanese-English bilingual dictionary (the Green Goddess) and the best monolingual Japanese dictionary in the same service, with the ability to look up words in both dictionaries (and many others) simultaneously.

Here's an example of one of Super Daijirin's definitions (for wazurawashii)

わずらわし ・ い わづらはしい  [5] [0]  【 煩わしい 】

( 形 ) [文]シク わづらは ・ し
〔動詞 「煩う」 の形容詞化〕
① 心を悩ますことが多くて,気が重い。うんざりする。 「- ・ い人間関係」
② 複雑でめんどうくさい。煩雑である。 「- ・ い手続きを簡素化する」
③ 気がおける。けむたい。 「びんなくおぼしめすにやと- ・ しう思ひて /源薄雲」
④ 体の具合が悪い。 「- ・ しくなりて,目・眉(まゆ)・額なども腫れまどひて /徒然42」
[派生] ━が ・ る ( 動ラ五 [ 四 ] ) ・ ━げ( 形動 ) ・ ━さ ( 名 )

3 comments to Super Daijirin now included in Kenkyusha Online Dictionaries

  • Is this the paid online search you are referring to?
    I just tried a search for わづらはしい at (free) which has Daijirin and got the same results (1) to (4) above; also the 和英 results simultaneously from Progressive Dictionary:
    煩わしい問題 「a troublesome [an irksome] problem
    手のこんだ料理は煩わしい Preparing elaborate dishes is 「a lot of trouble [((口))quite a hassle].
    I have this with several others on the right side of my access bar in Firefox conveniently accessed by Ctrl+K.

    煩わしい手続きが必要だ It requires complicated formalities.
    煩わしい問題になってきた The problem has 「become involved [((口)) gotten messy.]

  • Yes, this is the paid service. There are several free Japanese-English dictionaries online, but in my opinion none match the Green Goddess plus the various specialized J-E dictionaries on KOD. The fifth edition is also a vast improvement over the fourth edition (I have the paper version of the fourth but it’s now a serving as a massive paperweight).

    Having Daijirin also available from the service is great for me, because it’s one less search I need to do. (It’s unfortunately against KOD’s terms of use to automate or aggregate searches.)

    Incidentally, here’s what the GG gives for wazurawashii:

    わずらわしい【煩わしい】 (wazurawashii)
    〔関わりたくない〕 《be》 a nuisance; troublesome; annoying; irksome; 〔煩雑な〕 complicated; intricate.
    ●職場の人間関係が煩わしい. Personal relations where I work are 「irksome [《口》 a pain in the neck].
    ・その手続きは煩わしかった. The formalities were complicated. | There was a lot of annoying red tape.
    ・年を取るとともに人との付き合いがだんだん煩わしくなる. As we grow older, we find it more and more irksome to keep company with 「people [others].
    ・退職して煩わしいことからすっかり解放された. When I retired I was completely freed from 「troublesome [bothersome] problems (to deal with).
    煩わしがる think 《it》 troublesome 《to do》; make a great business of sth.
    煩わしげ an impatient look; the appearance of not wanting to be bothered.
    煩わしさ troublesomeness; irksomeness.
    ●人付き合いの煩わしさを感じる feel it troublesome to 「associate [socialize] with people
    ・手続きの煩わしさをなくす get rid of complicated formalities
    ・家庭の煩わしさから逃れる get away from 「troublesome [irksome] problems at home.

  • MT

    Great tip–thanks for the heads-up!

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