Going to IJET

I leave tomorrow for the International Japanese-English Translation Conference (IJET) in Sydney, Australia. I love IJET — this will be my eight one, and I even helped to organize the one in Okinawa. What I like best about IJET is the ability to talk with like-minded people about this career that occupies most of my […]

Quick tip to improve translation quality: increase zoom when proofing

A lot of people print out their translations to do the final proof. This isn't because they're throwbacks to the typewriter age; it's because the resolution of the printed page is still a lot better than even the best computer screen. And when it's easier to read the text, it's easier to spot errors. I […]

Coming from C++/Java to Python should bend your mind

Coming from C++ or Java to Python should bend your mind. If it doesn't, then you haven't learned Python yet — you're just writing C++ or Java in Python. If you only knew a statically typed and compiled language like C++ or Java before, and learning Python hasn't changed the way you think about programming, […]