Coming from C++/Java to Python should bend your mind

Coming from C++ or Java to Python should bend your mind. If it doesn't, then you haven't learned Python yet — you're just writing C++ or Java in Python.

If you only knew a statically typed and compiled language like C++ or Java before, and learning Python hasn't changed the way you think about programming, then check your programs for lots of type-checking code, inheritance, array indexing, and mutable variables. Look at some excellent Python code, and identify where your code diverges from it.

3 comments to Coming from C++/Java to Python should bend your mind

  • Todd S.

    I completely agree. What blew me away was how easy it was to set up a web server in a few-lines using Python’s built-in library. No wonder Google is using Python.

  • Shivesh Wangrungvichaisri

    I’m an experienced C++ developer looking to have my mind bent by Python. Could you please be so kind as to point out books that would go over sample applications that would show me features in Python that would make me appreciate C++ Boost/Loki libraries?

    Awesome blog btw!

  • @Shivesh

    I think that two of the best books on Python programming are Python in a Nutshell and Programming Python.

    What really started bending my mind, though, was reading the Python mailing list. I’d read one of the questions posted there, work out my own solution to it, and then read the mind-blowing, simple yet elegant and efficient solutions by the Python masters. That really helped me start thinking about programming in a new way.

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