Newest blogger in the Ginstrom clan

My son Sage has started his own blog at the tender age of 10. He decided to start his blog because he could never find his name on the Internet. He originally wanted to create a MySpace or Facebook site, but his school has a policy against elementary schoolers using those sites, after a bullying […]

Version 0.2 of mailer module released

I updated my mailer module (blogged about here) to version 0.2, and also uploaded it to pyPI. Improvements in this version: Default arguments in Message.__init__() method Support for non-ascii charsets (in body and subject) Support for Python 2.4 With the support for non-ascii encodings, you can now do this: from mailer import Mailer from mailer […]

The Adapter Pattern in Python

Interface mismatches are one of the banes of code reuse. You want to integrate component A and component B into your program, but component A expects a method called half_empty() while component B only has a method called half_full(). The Gang of Four (GoF) Adapter pattern is used to convert the interface of an object […]

Dying languages

The world's languages are becoming extinct at an unprecedented pace. Language diversity is important socially, culturally, and scientifically, and the loss of so many languages — the vast majority of which have never been written down, let alone studied — is a tragedy for humankind. But I think that those calling for dying languages to […]

A module to send email simply in Python

Update: I've released version 0.3 of the mailer module. See the mailer home page for details and the latest version. The email and smtplib modules in Python are very powerful, but they're also a bit complex when you just want to send an email. I wrote the mailer module as a front end to these […]

How long until you quit your day job?

Corinne McKay over at Thoughts on Translation has an interesting post about how long it took her to become established as a freelance translator. I was going to write this as a comment to her post, but this got a little long so I moved it over here. I started freelancing when I was in […]

Conditional “tee” with Python

This post describes the conditional tee ("ctee") module I wrote to split a sequence into two generators, according to a filter function. The problem David Beazley has a great article about generator pipelining using Python. This is a technique for handling (potentially very large) streams of data in a flexible yet efficient way. As an […]

IJET-20 Report

The 20th International Japanese-English Translation Conference (IJET) was held February 14-15, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. It was great to travel to Australia for the first time, and to meet old and new faces in the Japanese-English translation community. I went to Australia with my family, and after the IJET we were able to spend a […]