Inno Setup: Determining the data directory at install time

Inno Setup is a fantastic and free application for creating Windows setup programs. It takes so much of the hassle out of the process that it's almost fun.

I recently needed to extend Inno Setup with a custom code section: I needed to install the program's data to the Common App Data folder or the Local App Data folder, depending on a selection made during the installation process (install for all users, or just me). Here's the script I came up with:

; AppDataTest.iss
AppName=AppData Test
AppVerName=AppData Test 0.1

Source: AppDataTest.iss;  DestDir: {app}\;
Source: AppDataTest.iss;  DestDir: {code:DefAppDataFolder}\Test\;

Name: common; Description: "&All users"; GroupDescription: "Install For:"; Flags: exclusive unchecked
Name: local;  Description: "Just &me"; GroupDescription: "Install For:"; Flags: exclusive

Name: {group}\Uninstall AppDataTest; Filename: {uninstallexe}

function DefAppDataFolder(Param: String): String;
  if IsTaskSelected('common') then
    Result := ExpandConstant('{commonappdata}')
    Result := ExpandConstant('{localappdata}')

I created a radio button for the [Tasks] page, asking whether the user wants to install the application for all users, or just herself.

Then in the [Code] section, I created a function to expand "DefAppDataFolder" to commonappdata or localappdata, depending on whether "common" or "local" is selected in in the [Tasks] section (IsTaskSelected('common')).

This value is then expanded in the [Files] section, at this line:

Source: AppDataTest.iss;  DestDir: {code:DefAppDataFolder}\Test\;

Here's the setup script (AppDataTest.iss), and the resulting setup program (setup.exe).

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