New search engine for scientific words in context

Today, I found Exemplar, a new search engine that shows scientific terms in context. It searches 1,900 journals for the terms you enter, showing how they're actually used in peer-reviewed scientific publications. You can specify the subject, country, or even specific journal to search.

This looks like a great tool to help make sure that your technical translations pass the authenticity sniff test. I'm certainly adding it to my list of research tools.

2 comments to New search engine for scientific words in context

  • Juicy find, Ryan. Rather disappointed that Springer does not give at least an abstract of the articles recovered after the search.

  • @Gururaj

    I think that the company makes money from giving access to these journals. Which is fine with me; I hope that they can make the site viable that way, without advertisements or charging for the service itself. As a translator, I doubt that I’ll often need access to the actual articles.

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