Do interpreters have better language skills than translators?

In a thread about the road to becoming a Japanese-English translator/interpreter on the Translators Cafe forums (hat tip: Japanese Me), the user Sarah L had this to say about a fellow MIIS student who didn't have the linguistic chops for simultaneous interpretation: I know you shouldn't compare people but here goes. I said in a […]

Doing business with geeks

As a computer geek, I tend to like things to be cut and dried. When shopping for a product or service, I like to compare the prices and what I'm getting for them, and make a rational decision. That's why I can't stand places that try to make as much as they can off of […]

An ounce of prevention

It's surprisingly hard to pin down the meaning of 防止 (boushi). The Daijirin plays the old trick of converting the word into 訓読み and calling it a definition: ふせぎとめること。 As Daijirin so helpfully confirms, 防止 is a combination of the characters for "check/stem" and "stop." 防止 is often translated as "prevent," and that usually works, […]