Thinking about Google Wave

Google has released a developer preview of its new platform/protocol, Wave. I'm pretty excited about getting a chance to play with this, but at the same time my hype alarm is blinking orange. Hypnotic Waves by Tearsandrain Wave essentially brings together all the forms of online communication we already use — email, chat, wikis, blogs, […]

mailer version 0.5 released

I've released version 0.5 of my mailer python module for sending emails. Thanks to a patch from Douglas Mayle, this version makes it possible to send HTML emails with attachments (previous versions only let you do one or the other). Project homepage pypi page

Free money

Japan is handing out money to every resident of Japan on other than a tourist or student visa, in a bid to stimulate consumer spending and help get us out of this recession. If you were born before 1945 or after 1989, you get 20,000 yen; otherwise you get 12,000 yen. My family is getting […]

Not the best way to send out work requests

The other day, I received the following inquiry from a translation agency: Hello, Would you be available to edit a 800 word Japanese file into English today? I will need it back asap. Rate:$35 Kind Regards [Name withheld] Let's play "spot the problems": When an email doesn't address me by name, it's spam until proven […]

Who are you working for?

A lot of times when I read about translation, the author seems to treat the writer and audience as abstract entities. The document often deals with translating some magazine or newspaper article, with no input from the author and only a general understanding of who the audience is. I suppose that this simplifies things, but […]

The infamous LSI

Often, an English word will be adopted into the Japanese language, and then take on a life of its own. It comes to be used outside the original English meaning, but clients are resistant to using a different English word in the translation ("It's already English, you don't need to translate it."). One example is […]

The Register misses the point on NoScript fiasco

The Register's latest article on the NoScript fiasco misses the point. I was going to write this as a comment to the article, but the site's registration process is just too 90s to endure. 🙂 In case you haven't heard about this tempest in a teacup, the Firefox add-ons Adblock Plus (which blocks Internet ads) […]

Let’s drop the formalities

I believe that as a technical translator, my job isn't to be innovative with language. Rather, my goal is to fade into the wall, chameleon-like, and let the reader consume my document without necessarily even knowing that it's a translation. For this reason, I tend to err on the side of conservativeness when translating. For […]