Not the best way to send out work requests

The other day, I received the following inquiry from a translation agency:

Would you be available to edit a 800 word Japanese file into English today?
I will need it back asap.


Kind Regards
[Name withheld]

Let's play "spot the problems":

  1. When an email doesn't address me by name, it's spam until proven innocent. In fact, this email ended up in my "possible spam" folder
  2. Since when was translation demoted to "editing?"
  3. I'm not sure if you mean 800 characters of Japanese text or 800 words of English output (I didn't bother to look at the document), but in either case that's an extremely low rate for an extremely rapid turnaround.

That's a pretty good ratio of problems per line of email.

Anyway, I took the job. It turned out to be a safety manual for a life-saving medical device, and I had no idea what they were talking about, but it was "just editing" after all, and I needed the money…

(Note: I'm kidding)

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