Version 1.7 of Count Anything released

I've just released version 1.7 of my word-counting program, Count Anything.

Download the latest version here.

Sadly, this version isn't any smaller despite complaints about the installed size (in fact, the installer is about 500 KB larger), but it does include a couple of new features/improvements:

  • You can now get word counts for Web pages by entering the URL
  • There is now a command-line interface for programmatic access
  • More file extensions are recognized, and users can customize file extensions
  • There's now a more complete manual available online

About Count Anything

Count Anything is a free program for Windows that provides word counts for a wide range of file formats.

5 comments to Version 1.7 of Count Anything released

  • Hi Ryan, thanks for the new functionality. I have yet to try it out – could you give us an overview of how CountAnything analyses tags and extracts the translatable text to be counted? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • That is fantastic, thanks! When I first read your post, I thought – cool, a note on an updated version of a piece of software. And now I realize that you actually wrote it. Wow — I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing, I will download it.

  • […] blogger Ryan Ginstrom released a new version of his word-counting application Count Anything, a free application for Windows. It can even count the words in a website when you enter the […]

  • @Gururaj:

    For HTML files, Count Anything counts all “visible” text — text in <p> tags, <div> tags, etc., and it counts the text in the <title> tag, and the “alt” attribute of <img> tags and the “title” attribute of <a> tags. I plan to make this customizable in a future version.

    To see exactly what text Count Anything is analyzing for any given document, you can use the “Dump Text” utility that comes with Count Anything. That will dump all the text for a specified document that CA considers “countable” into a text file.

  • Thanks. That’s a very useful overview of what the program counts.

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