Electronic dictionaries: dead gadgets walking

Back in the 1980s and 90s, stand-alone word processors were all the rage in Japan. It was before PCs found widespread adoption in Japan, and because of the large character set of the Japanese language, it took years of training to be able to "type" Japanese on a mechanical device. I fondly remember a word […]

If translation were rocket science

What if the Japanese-to-English translation industry were the rocket-science industry? What if instead of clients with dubious English skills "incorrecting" your translations on the authority of high-school English textbooks and long-retired sempai, they used hoary old physics textbooks to correct your equations? I think it might be something like this. Acme Rocket Industries: Hi, Joe. […]

Home, Sweet Home

At the end of July, I traveled with my family to the US for two weeks, mainly to visit relatives and old friends. By the time I got back last Wednesday, I was so tired from my vacation that I needed a few days to recover. I wonder how restorative a vacation can be when […]