Keeping it short

I would not have made this so long except that I do not have the leisure to make it shorter. —Blaise Pascal As with all writing, conciseness takes extra effort in translation. Although what you write is pretty much decided in translation, how you convey that information isn't, and interference from the source language tends […]

Filling in the blanks

The other day, I wrote about when translators should leave information in the original out of their translations. Today, I want to write about the opposite case: when you should add information not included in the original. This often happens when the grammar of the target language requires certain information to be explicit that's optional […]

Easy SFTP uploading with paramiko

paramiko makes it so easy to use SFTP that it's hard to believe it's legal in this day and age. Command Line Warriors has a wonderful post showing how to use paramiko to do SFTP uploads/downloads. In this post, I want to share a small helper module called sftp (zip file) (code in post below) […]

Forget worrying about machine translation

Machine translation has always reminded me of the zombies in Dawn of the Living Dead: really scary looking, and if one catches you then you know it'll eat your brains, but the thing moves slower than my grandpa without his walker. There's no way it'll ever catch up to us. If you're a science fiction […]

Leaving things out

I believe that the translator's job is to recreate the effect of the original in the target language, rather than just "translate the words." In some cases, accurately producing the effect of the original means leaving things out. Glosses for abbreviations One example is glosses that explain abbreviations that are common in the English speaking […]