Version 2.0 of Count Anything released

I've just released version 2.0 of Count Anything.

Download the latest version here.

This version adds support for Open Office files (Writer, Calc, and Impress), and features a newly designed front page.

Support for Open Office

Count Anything now supports Open Office document formats. You don't need to have Open Office installed to get word counts of OO documents.

New front page design

Using Count Anything, I found that I always did the same thing: launch the program, and then call up the "pick files" dialog. This seemed like a waste of effort, so I replaced the front page with an add-files form. This saves a step and I think it makes getting a word count faster.

Count Anything screen shot

About Count Anything

Count Anything is a free program for Windows that counts words, characters, and Asian characters in a large variety of file formats.

10 comments to Version 2.0 of Count Anything released

  • Bill

    Thank you for such a useful tool. I’ve started using it recently and am very happy at the simplicity and usefulness of CountAnything. I have one feature request to pass along… How about adding pages to the elements that are counted? Thanks…

  • @Bill

    Thanks for the kind words. Do you mean pages as in 200 words/page, or physical pages?

  • Nao

    Thank you very much for the nice program (Count Anything) especially for free!!
    Does this program work also on Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits)??
    I will be replacing my PC soon.

  • @Nao

    It should work on Windows 7, but if it doesn’t I’ll be able to fix it soon, since I’m upgrading my own computer to Windows 7 today.

  • DaMan

    Hi, nice program, but you should submit it to download directories, at least the larger ones (, etc.) because it’s difficult to discover your software -> I found it by the mention on my local forum…


  • Elaine

    Great program, thanks!

    One suggestion- would be super if it could also work out the number of repititons..


  • @Elaine

    I have another program that does this, called Analyze Assist. Please check it out if you’re interested in counting repetitions.

  • pskocik

    Thanks a lot for this awesome software.
    Do you think it could be modified to run under linux, or in wine at least?

  • Umesh Vishwakarma

    Can you add option to count LaTeX files?

  • @pskocik

    The problem with Count Anything now is that it uses COM to access MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

    I have an online version running on Linux here; at some point I’m going to use that as a basis for a cross-platform app (once I’ve added OpenOfficeLibreOffice support).


    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll probably add support for that at the same time as my planned support for counting comments/strings in source code.

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