Netbook for translators?

One problem with using netbooks for real work is the lack of screen real estate. Kohjinsha may have helped to solve this: it's demoing a new "dual-screen" netbook (hat tip: gizmodo).

The new Kohjinsha netbook features two 10-inch screens, which can be pulled out side by side. This seems like a good solution for translators to work with their documents in one screen, and Google/dictionaries/translation memory in the other.

According to the video, the price point will be below ¥100,000 (about $1,000).

3 comments to Netbook for translators?

  • More screen width is nice, to be sure, but as a translator I’d rather have (a) more screen height (to see more textual context all at once) and (b) a proper keyboard. In both of those areas netbooks continue to fall down–not to mention that this new one, nifty as it looks, manages to cost as much as a MacBook, as well as adding weight and bulk to the thing, thereby poking holes in the netbook’s price and portability selling points.

  • @Durf

    Maybe the next step is a swivel mount, so you can turn the two screens vertical.

    When OLED’s come into commercial production, I think that we’ll see more of this type of stacked-screen setup, because OLED’s are incredibly thin.

    As for a Macbook, it may be the same size overall, but a 15″ Macbook isn’t going to fit into a man purse (unless it’s a really big man purse).

  • Noo

    Yeah, the keyboard makes or breaks the netbook – that or battery life.
    I think the really wide screen might pose a few balance/stability issues, would it not?
    Although it is cool how the screens expand like that.

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