Simulation of human brain getting closer…

The blog asks how long until we get artificial brains capable of replacing human translators, if ever: On the other hand, though, if the scientists ever crack this mystery wide open (perhaps by giving up on computers with nothing but 0s and 1s to deal with and creating new machines that function more like […]

Implementing IDocHostUIHandler in a C++ WTL/ATL project

I recently implemented IDocHostUIHandler in one of my WTL projects hosting the web browser. You need to implement this interface if you want to do things like control the context menu of the web browser. I had to go spelunking in various forums and documentation to piece together how to do this, and I never […]

Translation clients and the reverse auction

In an auction, buyers compete to offer the highest buying price; in a reverse auction, sellers compete to offer the lowest selling price. Reverse auctions are one of the ways that big corporations cut their expenses down to the bone. They know that everybody wants a "big" client, and they take advantage of this fact […]

A short story

I just put up a short story I wrote: Intellectual Property – A Short Story I didn't think that it fit the blog format very well, so I put it on its own page. The story is about an imagined near-future of accelerating technological progress, and what it might mean for translators and IP. Can […]

“Library of Congress” is the “Tokyo Dome” of English journalism

Culturally bound size references are a bane of translators. For example, Japanese authors used to be very fond of giving land area references in terms of "Tokyo Domes." As in, "An area of forest equivalent to 112 Tokyo Domes is lost every year." The English-speaking reader is liable to look at such a translation and […]

Japanese website

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to create a Japanese-language website. I waited until November, but I managed to get one up by year's end. Here it is: My goal for the site is to give pointers on technical-English writing to Japanese native speakers, while creating a presence that will help […]