Is a smarter Google worse for translators?

There's an excellent article on the official Google blog about how Google is improving the search engine's natural language understanding. Two of the big areas of improvement are using synonyms and similar words to expand search results, and automatic translation to find results in other languages. These are generally useful, because they get more results […]

Game to test kanji trivia

Here's a cool Flash game called "Verbatim" that tests your ability to read obscure kanji compounds and English words (I did best at that). After the time is up, it creates a mecha-robot for you. The more you got right, the cooler your robo.

Can you read kanji?

Just a month after writing about how agencies should give translators direct access to their clients, an agency asked me to go with them to meet their client for a big new job. The back story The end client had been burned a couple of times by horrible translations. So they contracted with this new […]