A new addition to the Ginstrom clan

Shadow poses for the camera

Behold my cuteness!

My wife and son were walking the dogs when this little critter came running out of the sugar cane fields. Which is pretty unusual, since cats usually don't go running after strangers, especially when they're walking two dogs.

Assuming it was a stray (a depressingly large number of people come to the cane fields to abandon unwanted pets), they took her home, cleaned her up, and fed her while we tried to find out if she was lost or abandoned. After a bit of searching we concluded it was the second, and we decided to keep her. We named her Shadow, because it looks like she's wearing eye shadow.

Here's a picture of her with my son's shoe (size 25) for size comparison:

I'm smaller than a shoe!

After a short feeling out process, she's getting along well with the other cats:

It even gets cold in Okinawa sometimes

And one more of Shadow on her favorite perch:

Chilling on a Sunday

So here is the current makeup of the Ginstrom household:

1 mom
1 dad
1 grandma
1 son
2 dogs
3 cats

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