IJET is being broadcast live

IJET-21 is under way, and this year it's being broadcast live! Link to broadcast feed Kudos to Mike Sekine and the others who made this possible. If you translate between Japanese and English, but didn't get a chance to go to IJET, then by all means check it out.

Pair translation?

Pair programming is the practice of two programmers working collaboratively at one work station. One person types while the other watches and gives advice, with frequent switches. I've pair programmed before, and I've found that — perhaps counterintuitively — we actually got more work done than if we had worked alone, and the work was […]

Translating into or out of the foreign language

In most places around the world, the common wisdom is that you should translate into a native language. This isn't the case for Japan, where for a variety of economic and social reasons, the vast majority of Japanese to English translation is done by native writers of Japanese. Native writers of Japanese who translate into […]

Translator bait and switch

Some of the more unscrupulous translation agencies practice what I call the bait and switch. They use their more expensive translators on the first couple of jobs for a new client, and then switch to their cheaper translators after they've locked in a juicy contract. Of course, you always want to do the best possible […]