The worst job ever?

I recently took a job from a translation agency that will remain nameless. I had passed their test some time ago, but didn't do much work for them because their rates were usually too low for me. They recently contacted me about taking part of a big job, and agreed to my usual rates, so […]


The other evening, I was out at a pub with some friends, when my cell phone went off at around 10pm. My friends asked me if I was going to take the call. I pulled out the phone, and saw it was from a translation agency, so I put it on "manner" mode (vibration mode), […]

Rapid website development with django and jQuery UI

Last week, I launched my latest development project: The official site for the band Murasaki (紫). I was happy to take on this project, partly because Murasaki is something of a legend in the Japanese rock scene (and especially here in their home prefecture of Okinawa), and partly because it would be a good chance […]

Don’t put it off

I feel fortunate to be a freelance translator. It's allowed me to choose where and how I work. A couple of weeks ago, someone close to me died after a long fight with cancer. When we both lived in mainland Japan, we'd talk about moving to Okinawa, and living a more relaxed life. One day, […]