The other evening, I was out at a pub with some friends, when my cell phone went off at around 10pm.

My friends asked me if I was going to take the call. I pulled out the phone, and saw it was from a translation agency, so I put it on "manner" mode (vibration mode), and said, "No, I just put it on manner mode. Actually, I wish this translation agency would learn some manners."

Then I looked down at the phone, and saw that I had actually taken the call instead of putting it on manner mode, and the agency had heard everything I'd just said. Oops!

I thought about apologizing, but then I thought that what I had said was exactly right, although perhaps not delivered in the best way. 🙂 So I just hung up and went on with my evening.

When I got back home at around midnight, I checked my email before going to bed. There was a job request from the agency that had called me. I emailed back saying that I could take the job, and within five minutes had a response thanking me. I guess the agency was really desperate to place that job! I think it still doesn't warrant calling someone at 10pm, though.

I very much doubt if the person from that agency reads this blog, but if you do, sorry for the manner remark. But you really shouldn't be calling translators at night. Email is fine any time.

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