Work situation 2010

How has 2010 been shaping up for you?

I've been pretty busy. 2009 was fairly slow. I earned about 10% less than my average, although I also took a lot of time off (about two months total). But right around the beginning of 2010, my work started to pick up, even more than average years. 2010 isn't over yet, but I'm looking to earn as much or more than my average.

I had the opportunity to attend Project Tokyo in September, and I heard a lot of similar stories: 2009 was slow, but 2010 has been very busy. My impression is that a lot of companies sat on their translation work during 2009, but started sending it out in 2010 after their skittishness wore off.

Most of the translators I've talked to about this have been working between Japanese and English. If you work with another language pair, how has 2010 been to you? And if you work between Japanese and English, do my experiences match yours?

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  • Ryan, 2009 wasn’t particularly bad for me (I live in Germany and work with DE>PTBR and EN-PTBR, mostly for direct clients and higher paying agencies), but I agree that 2010 has been much better than 2009 both in terms of the number of translation projects coming my way and in terms of income increase. I even raised my rates, remaining with better paying clients and dumping those who pay lower. I have nothing to complain about, and can only be thankful. Also, you might want to know that quite a lot of my income this year was generated by ‘passive’ client acquisition through my translation blog (people see my details, call me and then send me jobs). So I guess it pays off to invest some time in updating my blog and maintaining a nice internet profile. 🙂

  • Actually, our experiences were quite similar — we experienced a bit of a slump on both the European and the American side in early 2009, but it picked up half-way through. 2010 started out very busy, and hasn’t let up at all — we are working very hard to satisfy customer demand. I also have the impression that this year, clients seem less reluctant to finally tackle the translations that they had been sitting on for a while. Summary: a great year! Now, I could use a vacation…

  • I heard many colleagues saying that 2009 was slow. I had a slow second half of the year, but then it picked up at the end of the year and has not let up since (except for this week). I am sure all sorts of work will come in next week when I am at the ATA Conference. 😉

  • I live in Germany and I translate from EN, FR and JA to DE. For me, 2008 was worse than 2009. Business was really slow in 2008, after several years of being more or less booked solid all the time. In 2009, it began to pick up speed again, and 2010 has been incredibly busy so far. When I enjoyed a few slow days last week I actually noticed that this was the first time this year. So yes, life has been good this year. 🙂

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