Long-term outlook for translation industry

I recently read two books with rather gloomy outlooks for our future civilization: The Ecotechnic Future and The Long Descent. Both books predict that when the petroleum runs out, human civilization will go back to pre-industrial levels. While I don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions of these books, other than the obvious fact that […]

Setting contentEditable in a wxPython IEHtmlWindow

wxPython's iewin.IEHtmlWindow lets you host the Internet Explorer browser control in a wxPython window. Doing so is quite simple: import wx from wx.lib import iewin class MyFrame(wx.Frame):     def __init__(self):         wx.Frame.__init__(self, None, title="IEHtmlWindow")         self.ie = iewin.IEHtmlWindow(self)         self.ie.Navigate("http://example.com/") # your URL here app […]

Some numbers

A freelance translator's income can be calculated by the following formula: r * p * h * d * w where: r = rate p = pages per hour h = hour worked per day d = days worked per week w = weeks worked per year Let's try plugging in some numbers. Say that […]

Dear Steam: Geographical embargoes are stupid

At a time when piracy is putting a dent in video-game sales, Steam appears to be quite successful. Their success is due to two main factors: It's easier to buy a game on Steam than to pirate one Steam offers advantages over pirated apps When you buy a game from Steam, it automatically downloads to […]

The problem of translation without localization

I recently bought some books from Packt Publishing. I was happy with the smooth purchasing process (especially free shipping to Asia — woot!), and they've made some much appreciated improvements to their ebooks, eliminating the onerous copy-protection scheme that they used to use. But they really dropped the ball localizing their purchase page: The first […]