IJET-19 registration open

Registration for IJET-19 is now open! I still need to create a localized form for the Japanese page; I've got the text, but I need to do some JavaScript trickery to get it into the form because we're using a Wufoo form instead of hosting it ourselves (long story). But I'm still glad to have […]

IJET-19 update

The past month has seen a flurry of activity as we gear up for IJET-19 in Okinawa. Committee chair Mike Sekine and the ever-resourceful Tomokazu Gushikami have managed to get an article about IJET-19 in the Okinawa Times (still waiting for that link, Mike!); our speaker list is growing and includes some of the most […]

IJET-19 call for proposals

The call for proposals for IJET-19 has just gone out. If you're planning on attending IJET next year (you are, aren't you?), consider giving a presentation as well! I've given three IJET presentations so far, and they've all been fun and learning experiences. Of course it's vulgar to mention money, but the exposure did win […]