Serendipitous misinterpretations of English loanwords in Japanese

This is probably going to give me away as a hopeless language geek (I'd been hiding it so well until now, too!), but I find it fascinating when language speakers borrow a word from another language, and due to insufficient understanding of the loaning language misinterpret it — but in a way that makes sense. […]

Lost in translation: children’s health exams in Japan

I was reading this post from a fellow translator about her son's 2-year health exam, and was reminded of my son's 3-year health exam in Japan. It might sound unusual to those of us who are from countries without socialized medicine, but in Japan they periodically round up all the kids who'll turn X by […]

Google maps directions in Okinawa: Needs work

Last week I was taking my son to US Land. Unfortunately, our car's GPS is on the fritz. (My son broke it. He has this thing where he has to fiddle with every piece of electronic equipment he can lay his hands on, without the manual. No idea where he gets that from — must […]