Japanese/Western mobile website aesthetics

About a year ago, I wrote about the differences in Website aesthetics between Japan and the West. I was recently translating the review of a redesigned mobile website, and found a similar aesthetic. The mobile site was for the Japanese subsidiary of a major European brand/fashion corporation. The company had changed the site from a […]

Great resource for translating software docs into English

Often when translating software documentation from Japanese to English, I'll have to find the exact corresponding English names for various OS and other software components. These are things that you can't just make up, because the user will be looking for that actual text on her computer. I recently discovered a site that makes this […]

Localization: Just “translating the words” doesn’t cut it

This month I've been getting ready to make the trip to IJET-20 in Sydney, Australia. I booked my flight to Australia online via Jetstar. Using amazing high-tech IP-geolocation techniques, Jetstar figured out that I was in Japan and decided to treat me to its Japanese-language site. Fair enough; but if you're going to foist off […]

My solution to the localization horror story

The localization horror story in this CPAN article about the Locale::Maketext module tells of the combinatory explosion of translation "rules" required when localizing text with variables (placements) into multiple languages. Since I translate (and localize) Japanese to English, this is a problem that really strikes home with me. Here's a simple example of this problem […]