I don’t think this means what you think it means

A couple of days ago, I did a translation of an equipment manual. The client had helpfully supplied a glossary with the English translations of the various parts of the equipment. One of them caught my eye: Erection status monitor I suggested to the client that they change that one to something a bit less, […]

If this house of the crystal to extinguish itself of rock.

Which, of course, is the multibabel-ized version of "Those in glass houses should not throw stones." Hat tip to blogging translator for mentioning the site. Incidentally, leaving out Japanese, Chinese, and Korean from our language chain, we get the much more understandable (!?): In the houses of the crystal the rocks would not have that […]


Here's a not-serious field guide for choosing a scripting language. Perl Choose perl if you think that scripting is for quick-n-dirty tasks, and your language ought to look like it. Or if you like how it looks when Snoopy swears. Ruby Choose ruby if you think that perl is pretty cool, but it should be […]

Possibly the best name for a programming language ever

Coq. I would love to see this adopted at the Enterprise level. Could you imagine slipping sentences like these into your next corporate-drivelspeak document? The vendors have really bent over backwards to make introducing Coq as painless as possible. We don't believe in shoving Coq down people's throats. In fact, we've found that once people […]