Translation project management program wish list

Masked translator has a good post in which he outlines what he wants in a translation-project management application. There's a genuine unmet need for project-management software for freelance translators and small translation shops. All we have available now are big, unwieldy "general purpose" solutions that don't do everything we need but lots of things we […]

Google launches a new browser

I always wondered what happened when you got a bunch of geniuses, gave them free catered lunches, bean bags, and Foosball, and let them go nuts. Apparently, what you get is Google Chrome. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this new browser come out. It'll be great if they can make programming Web applications […]

Google maps directions in Okinawa: Needs work

Last week I was taking my son to US Land. Unfortunately, our car's GPS is on the fritz. (My son broke it. He has this thing where he has to fiddle with every piece of electronic equipment he can lay his hands on, without the manual. No idea where he gets that from — must […]

Count Anything now supports PDF files

I've just launched version 1.2 of Count Anything. The big news is that Count Anything now supports PDF files, thanks to the excellent pyPdf library. As always, you can use the included Dump Text utility to dump the text from the PDF file, and see what Count Anything is counting. Addendum: I switched the PDF […]

It’s hard to predict popularity

By far, the most popular of my free utilities is doc2html, which converts (simple) MS Word documents into relatively clean HTML. It's downloaded around 150 to 200 times per month, and there've been peaks with upwards of 1,000 downloads in a month. In contrast, my next most-popular program is Count Anything (a word-count program), which […]

Honyaku mailing-list code open sourced

I've open sourced the code for the honyaku mailing-list archive, and posted the code to Google code (I named it ml-archive because my plan is to make it a generic mailing-list archive site). The site is written in Python, using the django web framework. It's released under the MIT license. One of the challenges I'm […]

Proof listening

I first heard about proof listening a few years ago in this JAT article. Proof listening for translation generally means using a text-to-speech program to listen to your translation. Microsoft provides a free TTS engine with voices (although they are somewhat cheesy). If you have Windows 2000 or later, it should already be installed, although […]

Count Anything version 1.1.1 released

I just released version 1.1.1 of Count Anything. What is Count Anything? Count Anything is a word-count utility. It runs under Windows, and supports a variety of file formats, including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as HTML and XML. It provides word and character counts, as well as Asian character counts. I haven't […]