Life in America

Note: although I am now a Nintendo employee, my postings should not in any way be interpreted as being on behalf of or condoned by Nintendo. They are my personal views only. And now that that's out of the way… It's been a whirlwind month. I left Okinawa on March 10, just one day before […]

The problem of translation without localization

I recently bought some books from Packt Publishing. I was happy with the smooth purchasing process (especially free shipping to Asia — woot!), and they've made some much appreciated improvements to their ebooks, eliminating the onerous copy-protection scheme that they used to use. But they really dropped the ball localizing their purchase page: The first […]

Taking a simultaneous interpreting course

Starting next Monday (August 2), I'll be taking an eight-day, intensive simultaneous interpreting course at Okinawa Christian University. My friend and colleague David Ulvog is one of the instructors, and I think that I heard about the course from him. I'm not really interested in becoming an interpreter, simultaneous or otherwise, but the profession has […]

Don’t put it off

I feel fortunate to be a freelance translator. It's allowed me to choose where and how I work. A couple of weeks ago, someone close to me died after a long fight with cancer. When we both lived in mainland Japan, we'd talk about moving to Okinawa, and living a more relaxed life. One day, […]

A new addition to the Ginstrom clan

My wife and son were walking the dogs when this little critter came running out of the sugar cane fields. Which is pretty unusual, since cats usually don't go running after strangers, especially when they're walking two dogs. Assuming it was a stray (a depressingly large number of people come to the cane fields to […]

A translator’s view of localization

Via the Honyaku mailing list, I read an interesting article on localization from a developer's perspective. As both a translator and software developer, I'd like to comment on this article from a translator's perspective. The author (Wil Shipley) recommends that you only send string files to your translators to localize: To make our localizers’ jobs […]

Version 2.0 of Count Anything released

I've just released version 2.0 of Count Anything. Download the latest version here. This version adds support for Open Office files (Writer, Calc, and Impress), and features a newly designed front page. Support for Open Office Count Anything now supports Open Office document formats. You don't need to have Open Office installed to get word […]

My authors are getting better, or I am

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."    — Mark Twain Often you'll hear relatively inexperienced translators complaining about the […]

Keeping it short

I would not have made this so long except that I do not have the leisure to make it shorter. —Blaise Pascal As with all writing, conciseness takes extra effort in translation. Although what you write is pretty much decided in translation, how you convey that information isn't, and interference from the source language tends […]

Home, Sweet Home

At the end of July, I traveled with my family to the US for two weeks, mainly to visit relatives and old friends. By the time I got back last Wednesday, I was so tired from my vacation that I needed a few days to recover. I wonder how restorative a vacation can be when […]