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The infamous LSI

Often, an English word will be adopted into the Japanese language, and then take on a life of its own. It comes to be used outside the original English meaning, but clients are resistant to using a different English word in the translation ("It's already English, you don't need to translate it."). One example is […]

New site theme

If you were looking for the GITS blog, then yes, you're in the right place! Today I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 2.7.1, and while I was at it I switched to this cool atahualpa theme. I decided to upgrade after setting up my son's blog, and noticing how much cooler the admin interface […]

Doing business with geeks

As a computer geek, I tend to like things to be cut and dried. When shopping for a product or service, I like to compare the prices and what I'm getting for them, and make a rational decision. That's why I can't stand places that try to make as much as they can off of […]

Newest blogger in the Ginstrom clan

My son Sage has started his own blog at the tender age of 10. He decided to start his blog because he could never find his name on the Internet. He originally wanted to create a MySpace or Facebook site, but his school has a policy against elementary schoolers using those sites, after a bullying […]

OK, now I really feel old

Having grown up during the dawn of the personal computer, I could essentially understand the analog world of my parents. But kids today are growing up in a world so digital that they really can't imagine the old analog ways. Today, my son (10) asked me about manual typewriters. Son: Dad, when you were a […]