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Name: Ryan Ginstrom
Born: 1970
Education: BA Stanford with honors, 3.96 GPA
Location: Seattle area, USA

I am currently a senior software engineer at Gathered Table. I work on the back end of a python application that uses a distributed architecture linked via celery and HTTP APIs.

Before coming to Gathered Table, I was a software engineer at Nintendo of America (2011-2013).

Contact information


  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • PHP
  • VB/VBA

Selected Examples of Software Developed

Project Language(s) Frameworks/technologies Points of interest
Felix C++, Python WTL, COM
  • Add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Switch GUI language between English/Japanese on the fly
  • Main application can be controlled by automation (e.g. scriptable)
  • Custom templating language written in C++ (specs here)
Analyze Assist Python, C wxPython, COM
  • Includes custom Python modules written in C
  • Performance bottlenecks removed via COM servers written in C++
  • File list box with drag and drop and file icons
  • Switch GUI language between English/Japanese on the fly
  • Supports multiple document formats
  • Supports Felix and TMX memory formats
  • User-customizable match ranges
  • Command-line version also provided
Count Anything Python wxPython, COM
  • Drill-down on results in Web page interface
  • File list box with drag and drop and file icons
  • Switch GUI language between English/Japanese on the fly
  • Reverse engineers MS Word's word-count algorithm
  • Command-line version also provided
Memory Serves Python, C cherrypy, SQLAlchemy, wxPython, Mako
  • Registers functions in SQLite database, from custom python modules written in C
  • Serves translation memories in local database over LAN via HTTP
  • Web browser interface
  • Program API
  • Stand-alone wxPython app to facilitate uploading of data
Tag Assist C++, Python WTL, ActiveX, COM
  • Interface for translating HTML/XML files using Felix translation memory
  • Coordination of file content between multiple tabs
  • WYSIWYG edit tab using DHTML edit control
  • Source edit tab using Scintilla edit control
  • Browser preview tab using MSHTML browser control
  • Search and replace, encoding handling, tag handling
  • Custom file browser control in tree-view pane
Honyaku mailing-list archive Python django
  • Automatically updates archive database from mailing list
  • Supports viewing by discussion thread
  • Parses search queries
  • Sanitizes emails and creates links for URLs
IJET Website PHP CakePHP
  • Fully bilingual: click English/日本語 on any page to bring up the Japanese/English language version of that page
  • Scheduler for admins with drag-and-drop interface using AJAX
  • Admin-editable content
  • RSS feed
Count on It Python cherrypy, Mako
  • Reuses large amounts of code from Count Anything
  • Processes uploaded files
Word Speaker Visual Basic COM, MS Office, SAPI
  • Add-in for MS Word with toolbar
  • Persistent preferences
  • Uses asynchronous speech APIs to enable stop/pause during playback
  • Voice-chooser dialog

Open-source Code

  • cpptemplate

    A template language for C++

  • winpaths

    A Python module that retrieves standard Windows paths. Relies only on ctypes module.

  • mailer

    A Python module that simplifies sending email

  • subdist

    A C extension for Python that calculates fuzzy substring distance based on an adaptation of Levenshtein distance

  • wchartype

    A Python module that detects the types of double-byte characters (e.g. Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, double-byte numbers/letters)

  • Honyaku mailing list archive

    Mailing-list archive written with the django framework

  • Word Speaker

    A text-to-speech add-in for MS Word written in VB.

Other Info

I have strong technical-writing abilities, and am fluent in Japanese and Spanish. I have experience with project management, build automation, testing, QA, and interface design (desktop GUI and web interface).

Here is my profile on Stack Overflow.

2 comments to Developer CV

  • Edward

    I love the “Count Anything” tool. Thank you.

    One question…

    I have a document in Word, which I converted to PDF. The exact same document. Why is the wordcount different in Word (57) to the PDF (69)? The “Chars (no spaces)” are the same (301); but the “Chars” are different (341 in the Word file, 353 in the PDF).

    Does the software handle pucntuation marks differently, or something like that?

    Once again, many thanks!

  • @Edward

    Thanks for the comment on Count Anything. The difference is probably due to some sort of spacing elements that the PDF document uses, and that get counted as spaces.

    Your comment here is also a good sign that I need to set up a specific place for feedback on Count Anything and my other programs.

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