No bed of roses on the bottom: the problems with low rates

Photo by Steve Wampler A lot of translators charge lower rates than they could otherwise get, especially when they're starting out. There are a few possible reasons for this; here are a couple. Lack of knowledge about the market Desire to get more work Desire to avoid haggling Lack of confidence Lack of knowledge about […]

Yet to feel effects of recession

Living in a sleepy Okinawan town, and dealing with clients 1,000 miles or more away, it's hard for me to get a gut-level sense of what this recession will mean for my Japanese-to-English translation business, and for the J2E translation industry as a whole. So far, I haven't felt any ill effects from the recession. […]

Volume discounts

One question that often comes up among freelance translators is whether we should give volume discounts. I'm not against giving them in principle, but I think that we need to weigh the pros and cons of doing so. Crossed purposes Often agencies will ask for rather large volume discounts — larger than translators are willing […]