mailer version 0.5 released

I've released version 0.5 of my mailer python module for sending emails. Thanks to a patch from Douglas Mayle, this version makes it possible to send HTML emails with attachments (previous versions only let you do one or the other). Project homepage pypi page

Version 0.2 of mailer module released

I updated my mailer module (blogged about here) to version 0.2, and also uploaded it to pyPI. Improvements in this version: Default arguments in Message.__init__() method Support for non-ascii charsets (in body and subject) Support for Python 2.4 With the support for non-ascii encodings, you can now do this: from mailer import Mailer from mailer […]

A module to send email simply in Python

Update: I've released version 0.3 of the mailer module. See the mailer home page for details and the latest version. The email and smtplib modules in Python are very powerful, but they're also a bit complex when you just want to send an email. I wrote the mailer module as a front end to these […]

End of an era: Goodbye, fax-to-email service

Faxes used to be an essential tool for translators, but they seem to be going the way of the dodo these days. Back when faxes were on thermal paper and I got most of my translation documents via fax, having a fax-to-email service was a godsend. It was quicker and cheaper, the faxes were easier […]

Virus scam targeting translators

A number of translators have been receiving scam emails containing a virus attachment, disguised as a file to be translated. Here's the text of the email I received: Subject: High Quality Translation I haven't seen you for weeks I need this document translated, and the translation is to be of high quality. The attorney asked […]