Game to test kanji trivia

Here's a cool Flash game called "Verbatim" that tests your ability to read obscure kanji compounds and English words (I did best at that). After the time is up, it creates a mecha-robot for you. The more you got right, the cooler your robo.

Can you read kanji?

Just a month after writing about how agencies should give translators direct access to their clients, an agency asked me to go with them to meet their client for a big new job. The back story The end client had been burned a couple of times by horrible translations. So they contracted with this new […]

Converting kanji numbers to integers with Python

A question on StackOverflow about converting kanji numbers (e.g. "五十五") into integers in C++ got me interested in solving this using Python. The result is my kanjinums module, with a function kanji2num that will convert a string containing a kanji num to a Python integer. Download the source distribution ( Download the Windows installer (kanjinums-0.1.win32.exe) […]

wchartype: Python module to get full-width (double-byte) character types

When dealing with full-width (especially CJK) characters, you'll often want to know the type of a particular character — Kanji/Hanzi/Hanja, hiragana, katakana, and so on. wchartype is a Python module that will determine the type of a full-width character. The functions all expect Unicode strings of length one. Usage: import wchartype if wchartype.is_asian(u'\u65e5′):     […]