English translation of 何度でも(ドリカム)

Here is my translation of the lyrics to the Dreams Come True song 何度でも (nando demo — which I'll loosely translate as "I'll keep on"). Romaji version is here. こみ上げてくる涙を何回拭いたら How many times must I wipe these welling tears 伝えたい言葉は届くだろう? until I can get through to you? 誰かや何かに怒っても出口はないなら If getting mad doesn't give me a […]

English translation of 眼鏡越しの空(ドリカム)

眼鏡越しの空 (The sky seen through glasses) is one of my favorite Dreams Come True songs. The song itself is very pretty, and the lyrics are nicely done. The song is about a shy girl — probably in junior high or so — who has a crush on a sporty, popular (but still smart) girl. It's […]

English translation of Go for it! (ドリカム)

It's a somewhat embarrassing fact that I'm a big Dreams Come True fan. As far as I know, their song Go for it! is the only J-POP song with a Monty Python reference, so I just had to translate it. 想像もつかない毎日が 送れると思わない? We can lead an existence beyond imagining — don't you think? 一緒なら 無敵の毎日が […]