Thinking about Google Wave

Google has released a developer preview of its new platform/protocol, Wave. I'm pretty excited about getting a chance to play with this, but at the same time my hype alarm is blinking orange. Hypnotic Waves by Tearsandrain Wave essentially brings together all the forms of online communication we already use — email, chat, wikis, blogs, […]

Ding-dong, the patent witch is dead

According to this article by, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) in Washington DC has just made most software patents go up in smoke. This is horrible news for all the big software companies with huge patent portfolios, because now their IP is going to be worth a lot less. […]

Translating “gamen” into English

Japanese uses the word 画面 (gamen) in a software context in many different ways. It might refer to a window, a dialog box, a (web) page, or the computer's physical screen. The Fifth Edition of the Green Goddess gives the following translation for 画面 in a computer context: 【電算】 〔コンピューターや携帯電話などの表示面〕 a (display) screen. This, unfortunately, […]

Count Anything version 1.5 released

I've just released version 1.5 of Count Anything. This version has several improvements, including the ability to add entire directories to the list of files to count, and more detailed information in the word counts. About Count Anything Count Anything is a free program for Windows that counts words, characters, and Asian characters in a […]