New search engine for scientific words in context

Today, I found Exemplar, a new search engine that shows scientific terms in context. It searches 1,900 journals for the terms you enter, showing how they're actually used in peer-reviewed scientific publications. You can specify the subject, country, or even specific journal to search. This looks like a great tool to help make sure that […]

An ounce of prevention

It's surprisingly hard to pin down the meaning of 防止 (boushi). The Daijirin plays the old trick of converting the word into 訓読み and calling it a definition: ふせぎとめること。 As Daijirin so helpfully confirms, 防止 is a combination of the characters for "check/stem" and "stop." 防止 is often translated as "prevent," and that usually works, […]

Translating “gamen” into English

Japanese uses the word 画面 (gamen) in a software context in many different ways. It might refer to a window, a dialog box, a (web) page, or the computer's physical screen. The Fifth Edition of the Green Goddess gives the following translation for 画面 in a computer context: 【電算】 〔コンピューターや携帯電話などの表示面〕 a (display) screen. This, unfortunately, […]