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The software here is designed primarily to be of use to translators. Others may find it of some use.


Felix is a translation memory tool that can be used from Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

What is translation memory?


TagAssist is a a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) HTML editor designed specifically for translating HTML files, although it is also useful for HTML authoring. TagAssist is fully compatible with Felix. TagAssist is free; you can download it from the Felix website.

Free Software

Word Macros

Free MS Word macros of use to translators, especially those working between Japanese and English.
  • WordCount
    This macro counts all the words in a Microsoft Word document, including the words in text boxes (the standard Word Count feature does not count words in text boxes). It can also do batch word counts for multiple documents.
  • Wide2Narrow
    Converts double-byte letters, numbers, and symbols (e.g. parentheses/punctuation) into their single-byte equivalents. This is useful if you are translating a Japanese document into English, and need to remove double-byte characters. The built-in "Change Case - Half-width" feature has the side effect of converting Katakana into half-width characters as well.
  • FindNextJ
    Finds the next Japanese character in the document. Useful for finding "invisible" Japanese characters (such as full-width spaces and punctuation), and for finding small amounts of Japanese text in a mostly European-language document.
  • PageNum
    Adds auto-numbered, formatted page-number headings to a document. Useful when translating from a hard copy, and you need to add page-number indications.
  • Doc2Html2Doc
    Converts Word document text into html text, and vice versa.