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What Is It?

Doc2Html is a simple utility for converting Microsoft Word documents into small, clean HTML files.

Doc2Html is completely free, with no strings attached. Unfortunately, it is not practical to make it open source due to its heavy use of proprietary components (e.g. the ATL). However, if you are interested in seeing a portion of the code, feel free to email me.

What Can It Do?

Doc2HTML can convert the following formatting into the HTML file:

  • Heading styles
  • Simple tables
  • Lists (numbered and bullet)
  • Some text formatting

How Do I Use It?

To convert a Word file, select File >> Open, then the document you wish to convert. The document is converted, and the HTML file loaded for checking/editing.

That's basically it!

What Can't It Do?

Doc2Html has the following limitations:

  • Reported not to function with right-to-left language versions of MS Word (e.g. Hebrew/Arabic)
  • It can't handle lists within tables
  • It can't handle embedded lists (lists within lists)
  • Misses formatting in tables and some other formatting
  • It can't handle footnotes, headers/footers, and the like
  • It can't make scrambled eggs.


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