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PowerPoint2Doc is a Com Addin for Microsoft® PowerPoint that exports the text in the active presentation into a Microsoft® Word document. This is useful if you need to count the words in a PowerPoint document.

PowerPoint2Doc is completely free, with no strings attached.

Text in text boxes, tables, and embedded Excel worksheets is exported.

Unfortunately, the exported text is not very well suited for editing or printing, because the order of the text in the Word document may be different from the order in the PowerPoint side. For instance, text that appears on the bottom right of a PowerPoint slide may appear in the Word document before text that appears on the top left of the slide. Slide order is preserved, however, so by comparing the Word output to the PowerPoint document, you should be able to put it into a more logical order.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint 2000 or higher
  • Microsoft® Word 2000 or higher

Instructions for Use

PowerPoint2Doc Toolbar

  1. Make a backup copy of your PowerPoint File.
  2. Click on the Export to Word toolbar button.
  3. The text is exported to a Microsoft® Word document.
    Text in text boxes, tables, and embedded excel files is exported.


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