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PageNum Word Macro

Download PageNum


Adds auto-numbered, formatted page-number headings to a document. Useful when you are translating from a hard copy, and you need to add page-number indications.  

To Install

  1. Download the PageNum macro file.
  2. Launch Microsoft Word
  3. Press Alt + F11
    The Microsoft Visual Basic window appears.
  4. From the File menu, select Import File...

    Import macro menu selection

  5. Import the WordCount.bas file.
    Close the Visual Basic window.

To Use

Press Alt + F8 to get the macro window, specify the macro "PageNum," and click Run. If this is the first time the macro is run, an input box prompts you for a starting number:

Enter page num input box

A formatted page-number heading appears in the document at the cursor position. Subsequent calls to the macro enter serially incremented page numbers.

Page numbering example

You can reset the numbering by running the ResetPageNum macro.

If you will be using the macro more frequently, then you can assign it a keyboard shortcut. To do so,

  1. Select Tools >> Customize
  2. Click Keyboard
  3. Set the "Categories" to Macros, and "Commands" to PageNum
  4. Select "Press new shortcut key," and press your keyboard shortcut.
  5. Click Assign.