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WordCount Word Macro

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This macro counts all the words, characters, and double-byte characters in a Microsoft Word document, including the words in text boxes (the standard Word Count feature does not count words in text boxes). It can also do batch word counts for multiple documents.

New -- Updated 18:50 2007/03/08: Fixed the macro so that it correctly counts text in textboxes. Thanks to Nathan Konrad for pointing out the bug.

WordCountAll Results Dialog

To Install

  1. Double click on the setup file, and follow the onscreen instructions.

To Uninstall

Select Start >> Programs >> WordCountAll >> Uninstall WordCountAll

To Use

The WordCountAll template installs a toolbar with a single button:

WordCountAll toobar

Click the toolbar button to launch the word count dialog.

In order to count the words in grouped textboxes, you must first "ungroup" them. This could affect the appearance of the document. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform this macro on a backup copy of your document when counting the words in grouped textboxes, not on your working copy.

I just want the template, without the installer!

If you just want the template, you can get it here.

Note to Mac Users

You will need to use the template file or just the macro file. The installer won't work on the Mac.

A syntax error may occur if running this macro on the Macintosh version of Word (thanks to Adam Rice for pointing this out, and coming up with a solution). You can remedy this problem by commenting out the first few lines in the macro file, like so:

' Attribute VB_Name = "WordCountAllDlg"
' Attribute VB_GlobalNameSpace = False
' Attribute VB_Creatable = False
' Attribute VB_PredeclaredId = True
' Attribute VB_Exposed = False